Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




Psychiatric Power and Practice in 19th Century State Asylums: Newcomer v. VanDeusen, Mary DeYoung

Crawling out of the the ghetto: Explaining continued underrepresentation of women in power, Polly Diven

Sudden Versus Slow Death of Cities: New Orleans and Detroit, Davia Downey and Laura A. Reese

Integrating protective factors and targeted universalism to engage diverse families in a community wide child-maltreatment prevention program, Gwenden Dueker, Jing Chen, Candace Cowling, and Bryana Hopkins

Advanced Java Features for Using JUnit in CS1/CS2, Hans Dulimarta and Scott Grissom

Asymmetry in Identification of Multiplicity Errors, Cheryl L. Dunn, Gregory Gerard, Severin Grabski, and Scott Boss

Dictionary Wars in Old Regime France: The Energy of Antoine Furetière, David Eick

Vice-President presiding, Roger Ellis

Development and Delivery of a Hybrid MSW Administration Supervision Course, Dorothea Epple

Reading Anne Franks Diaries, Robert Fanciosi

An Unexplored Reference to the Vienna Volkstheater in Beethovens Conversation Books, Lisa Feurzeig

A Processing Ghost in a Tank Machine, Mario Fific

Stopping Rule Selection (SRS) Theory Applied to Deferred Decision Making, Mario Fific and Marcus Buckmann

Averroes as Centerpoint: Using the life and works of Averroes comprehensively in undergraduate courses, Coeli Fitzpatrick

Social Constructionism, the Female Subject and the Clash Regime, Regina Fitzpatrick

Introductory Statistics - Alternate Sequence eText, John Gabrosek and Paul Stephenson

Islamic Political Parties and Ballots: Structural Constraints for Electoral Successes, Gamal Gasim

Barriers to Implementing Restorative Justice: A Pilot Program Case Study, Patrick Gerkin and John Walsh

Re-examining the Undergraduate Music Education Curriculum: Practical Transformation in a Time of Challenge and Change, Beth Gibbs

Music Teacher Evaluation from the Administrators' Perspective, Beth Gibbs, Ryan Shaw, and Sarah Phelps

Integrating Personal Practice with Classroom Instruction, Karen Gipson

A study of oboe reed construction, Karen Gipson, Marlen Vavrikova, and Julia Gjebic

Pressure and Shear Force: Evidence Based Solutions for Identification and Prevention, Meri Goehring, Barbara Crane, and Michele Kunsman

The Cultural Production of Mayotte (Maore), Daniel Golembeski

A Perfect Storm in Turkish-American Relations: Ending the Ban on Poppies, Beginning the Invasion of Cyprus, James Goode

Art Prize: Economic Impact of an Innovative Public Event, Rita Grant

Invited Oral Symposium Presentation, Gary K. Greery

Management Implications based on Permit Data from Michigan, Carol Griffin, Christina McGraw, and Alexandria Rogers

Forecasting Teaching Evaluations for Student, Teacher, and Relational Components: Predicting more of the professors more of the time, Jennifer Gross and Brian Lakey

On a new approach from field theory to the regularity question in radial hyper-elastostatics, Salim Haidar

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow: Exploring the Social Curriculum of Prestigious Secondary Schools, Christopher Hanks and Olivia Williams

Relationships of Objectively Measured PA and Sleep with BMI and Academic Outcomes in 8-year-old Children, Susan A. Harrington PhD

Flipping the Classroom for 2nd Semester Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Susan A. Harrington PhD and Melodee V. Bosch

The Assessment Culture and Undergraduate Writing Programs, Chris Haven

Narratives for Facilitating the Advising of First-Generation College Students, Robert Hendersen

Making More Out of the Practicum Experience: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Conduct Classroom Research, Bailey Herrmann, Jessica Gallo, and Marci Glaus

Lasting Impacts of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program: Following Up with Former Students, Carly M. Hilinski

The effect of deterrence on the likelihood of cheating, Carly M. Hilinski and Tina Freiburger

A Mastery-Based Assessment Scheme for Upper-Division Mathematics Courses, Jonathan Hodge

A predictive mathematical model of influenza kinetics with an innate immune response, Benjamin Holder

An Evidence-Based Review of Educational Strategies to Facilitate the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Graduate Nurses, Barbara Hooper

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health parities in older adults: Lessons from An American Debate, Lihua Huang

The Art of Difficulty: Challenging Poetry Students to Think Clearly, Read Smartly, Write Evocatively, Amorak Huey

Critical Self-reflection as a means to Discover Personal Ethical Values: A Composition Instructor, Craig Hulst

Using Ethics as a Tool for Composition Instructor (Re)Training, Craig Hulst

Farce and Power in Republican Paraguay: Lopez-era Congresses and Elections and the 2012 Parliamentary Coup, Michael Huner

Fu Manchu Meets Maklu-4: The Mandarin and Racial Stereotypes, Richard Iadonisi

Industry Based Senior Projects and the Four Pillars of Manufacturing Engineering, Hugh Jack, C. Plouff, and C. Pung

Perceptions and measurements of access to fresh fruits and vegetables for a low-income neighborhood, Lara Jaskiewicz

Developing Community Capacity to Increase the Availability of Healthy Foods in Corner Stores, Lara Jaskiewicz, Rachael Dombrowski, Gina Massuda-Barnett, Steven M. Seweryn, and Maryann Mason

How to prepare a manuscript for Strategies- a PE journal, Ingrid L. Johnson

Getting The Most out of Attending the AAHPERD National Convention, Ingrid L. Johnson, Casey Withers, and Jennifer Thorn

Margins (Re)Defining the Nation: Ambivalence in Canada's Multicultural Canon, Sherry Johnson

Women Mapping the Territory and Cultural Geographies of Academia, Sherry Johnson

Opening the Floodgates: The Effects of Access to Picture Books and Beginning Chapter Books on Children's Reading Achievement, Andrea Kaitany

Language Ability and Behavior Problems, Courtney Karasinski, Susan E. Weismer, Nichole Wrona, Molly Harsay, Courtney Slagter, Lauren DeClercq, and Melissa Marblestone


Evolutionary Narratives: A Cautionary Tale, Devereaux Kennedy

EM-POWERING CHILDREN FOR MOVEMENT EXPLORATION AND SUCCESS: A CASE SERIES andDianne Cherry Forum: Best Practices in Pediatric Clinical Education, Lisa Kenyon, Cathy Ripmaster, John Farris, Nanette Hannum, Kevin Proctor, Kaelee Roberts, Lucas Briggs, Brett Cain, Emily King, Ashley VandenBerg, and John Peck

Circulating microRNAs in Plasma as Predictive Biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease: a New Paradigm, Sok Kean Khoo

Teaching the Political Science "Brand" through Scaling Analysis, Howard Whit Kilburn

Earth, Religion and Community in Mi'kmaw activism., Sarah King

Trafficking of Women: A Global Problem, Brian F. Kingshott and Stephanie Zoltowski

Heidegger's Methodological Maxim, Tyler Klaskow

Health Literacy and Social Support: A Close Look at Elderly Immigrants' Health Care and Their Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Haiying Kong

Event structure guides reading behavior as revealed by eye movements, Christopher A. Kurby and Ben Swets

Aging and event segmentation: An fMRI investigation of individual differences in event perception and memory., Christopher A. Kurby, Jeffrey M. Zacks, Jesse Q. Sargent, and Heather A. Bailey

Enumerating Communities for a Deeper Understanding of Community Finding, Dr. Zachary Kurmas, Jerry Scripps, Hugh McGuire, and Christian Trefftz

What Influences Student Perception of Student-Teacher Interaction in the College Classroom?, Zachary Kurmas

Higher Education in a Wicked World, Danielle L. Lake

Jane Addams and Wicked Problems: Putting the Pragmatic Method to Use, Danielle L. Lake

Relational regulation theory: A new approach to explain the link between perceived social support and mental health, Brian Lakey

Can Ordinary Conversations Account for Perceived Support, Brian Lakey and Justin Andrews


Making Campus Connections through Communication Center Incentives, Danielle Leek

Informed Learning in Communication Studies, Danielle Leek and Kim Ranger

Utilization and Refinement of Standard Curation Models, Jonathan P. Leidig and Max Eckard

Royal Beginnings: Supply Chain Decision Making in a Bridal Shop, Nancy M. Levenburg and Lisa Eshbach

Agricultural production and trade in the former USSR countries in the context of climate change scenarios, Elena Lioubimtseva

Possible impacts of climate change and economic globalization on the grain production trends in Russia and its neighbors, Elena Lioubimtseva, G.M. Henebry, and K.M. Henebry

Commentary on Greg Lynch's, Ronald Loeffler

Where are the electrons? How DFT can be both a research and teaching tool with metal complexes featuring redox-active ligands, Richard Lord

The role of gender empowerment in Olympic success, Aaron Lowen, Rober Deaner, and Erika Schmitt

As American as Apple Pie, George Lundskow and Lauren Langman

Speech-Language Pathology & Hippotherapy in Michoacan, Mexico, Beth Macauley and Margarita Fajardo

Native plant establishment influenced by the method used to control spotted knapweed, Neil W. MacDonald, Laurelin M. Martin, and Tami E. Brown

Spotted knapweed control methods affect native plant establishment in a Michigan prairie restoration., Neil W. MacDonald, Laurelin M. Martin, and Tami E. Brown

Program of Study-Web Design and Open Badges for Engagement and Retention, Szymon Machajewski

Issues and Recommendations in Teachinmg Young Gender Different Children, Faite Mack and Julie Chlebo Dr.

Burial As Boundary Marker At Verteba Cave, Western Ukraine: Establishing Identity, Gwyn Madden, Jordan Karsten, Taras Tkachuk, and Mykhailo Sokhatsky

The revival of tribalism in popular Saudi Arabian culture, Sebastian Maisel

Advanced Geospatial monitoring and IKONOS image object-oriented analyses of 2011 Northern Michigan cherry orchard yields, Kin Ma and Mark Whalon Dr.

Democratic Governance and Human Rights in EU-Africa Relations, Jack Mangala

How Do We Know the Paleozoic Started 542 Million Years Ago?, Stephen Mattox and Emilia Ertz


Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Teaching of an Emerging Genre to Empower Students with Information Literacy Skills, Hazel McClure and Christopher Toth

Characteristics of Effective Collaborative Practices in a Student Teaching Classroom: Perspectives of University Field Coordinators, Linda McCrea and Doug Busman Dr.

Collaboration and Teacher Preparation: The Role of the Mentor Teacher, Linda McCrea and Doug Busman Dr.

Teaching Interprofessional Core Competencies Through An International Service Learning Experience, Denise Meier, Susan Cleghorn, and Barbara Baker

Does Age Matter?: The Acquisition of Spanish Rhotics and Voiceless Stops by Child Learners, Mandy Menke