Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




Helping to Improve Non-Science Students Conceptual Understanding of the Greenhouse Effect, Heather Miller, Julie C. Libarkin, Stephen R. Thomas, and Joseph Spadafore

Plato's Theaetetus and Maritain's Le Philosophie Bergsonienne, Mark Moes

An integrated service project for junior and senior students, Wael Moktar


Homeless health and access to healthcare in urban settings a social epidemiology, Azizur Molla

Sustaining Standards Based Coaching Education in an Urban, Low-Income School District, Dana Monk and Chelsea Brehm


Easy for Who?: Creative Writing Teachers Respond to Criticism of the Workshop, Oindrila Mukherjee, Laurie A. Cedilnik, Kate Schmitt, Elizabyth Hiscox, and Geronimo Johnson

Going Public with E-portfolios: Opening Up Communication and Composition in a Digital Environment that Speaks to the Net Generation, Dauvan Mulally, Julie White, and Amy Norkus

Humanism as a Way of Life: Liberals, Cultural Reform, and the Humanist Movement in the 1930s and 1940, Paul Murphy

Going Beyond Comprehension: Artful Thinking and the Common Core, Janet Navarro

The megalithic past of the Bronze Age kurgans of the North Pontic Region, Alexey G. Nikitin and Svetlana Ivanova

Harmony and Cultivation, Peimin Ni

Holism as an Art, Peimin Ni

Energy tranisitions in Kenya's tea sector, Erik Edward Nordman

GVSU Varsity Men Concert at IMC, Charles Norris

Taxing Hard-to-Tax Markets with Consumer Auditing, Laudo Ogura Ph.d., Marcelo A. Arbex, and Mattos Enlinson

Witnessing and Confessing to the Power and Relevancy of Utopic Thinking in the Historical Struggle for a More Reconciled Future Society, Michael R. Ott

Re-Inventing Engagement: Inviting Cross-Text Connections through Text Sets, Writing, and Discussion, Pamela Page, Nancy Patterson, and Elizabeth Storey

Introducing Arduino Platform to Sophomores using an apt recipe, Chirag Parikh

Landscape, Narrative, and Culture as Objects of Sustainability, Kelly Parker

Food for Thought When Working with Those Hungry for Success, Christen Pearson

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map forest resources: Spatial patterns of non-timber forest resource distribution in the Peruvian Amazon and support of community conservation efforts., Jim Penn

Use of a Construct Map and Rasch Analysis in Assessing Student Understanding of Chemistry Concepts, Thomas Pentecost

What It's Like: Cinematic Embodiment In The Celebration, Toni Perrine


The Dominance of the Market Factor in the Fama-French Three-Factor Model, Glenn Pettengill, George Chang, and Sridhar Sundaram

Minority Status and Workers Commitment to Their Union: Liberal versus Conservative, Brian Phillips, Phyllis Curtiss, and George Lundskow

Practice of Peace in A Northern Ireland Integrated Primary School, Linda Pickett

Bard To Go Puzzle The Will, Maria Chiara Pipino

Site Specific Theatre Curation. An Italian Case Study, Maria Chiara Pipino

A Model for Engineering Ethics Education Leveraging Workplace Experiences through a Co-op Program, Chris Plouff and Nael Barakat

Exceptions in the General Land Office: Mining and Federal Land Policy in the Early American Republic, Patrick Pospisek

Re-memorando el exilio: Ciencias naturales de Rosa Chacel (Re-membering Exile: Rosa Chacel's Ciencias naturales), Gabriela Pozzi

Moving beyond the Safe Space: Discomfort and Feminist Teaching on the Margi, Marilyn Preston

Pleasure/Consent/Participation: Critical Pedagogy in Sexuality Education, Marilyn Preston and Sydney Hamond

Industry Based Senior Projects and the Four Pillars of Manufacturing, Christopher Pung and Hugh Jack

Individual differences in older adults' forced-choice recognition memory: Partitioning contributions of recollection and familiarity., Joel Quamme, Ellen Migo, Selina Homes, Andrew Bendell, Kenneth Norman, Andrew Mayes, and Daniela Montaldi

Displays of Authenticity in The "Finnish American Nesting Place", Kathryn Remlinger PhD

Visual Basic Programming as a General Education Course, John Reynolds and Roger Ferguson PhD

The Diffusion of a Constitutional Idea: Public Figures and Equality Before the Law in China, Mark Richards and Yi Zhao


Reversing the Side-Effect Effect, Brian Robinson, Paul Stey, and Mark Alfano

Restoring Performance to Text: The Heike Mabushi, Jeremy Robinson

Seven Day Theatre, Monica Robinson and Christopher Stephens

Which are greater today, cultural or individual differences in customers? Research lessons for resorts to consider, A. Scott Rood

Examining the importance of Culture, Gender and Individual Differences in Customers, A. Scott Rood and Joanna Dziadkowiec

Teaching Public Administration in an Age of Austerity: Librarians and Hybrid Instruction, Ashley Rosener and Lara Jaskiewicz

Certification Issues for Criminal Justice Programs, Debra Ross

An Overview of Prevention Programs Related to Human Trafficking, Debra E. Ross and Samantha Lynn

The Costs of Heterochronic Time in Benito Cereno, Kelly Ross

War Time: Temporality in Henry Timrods and Herman Melvilles Civil War Verse, Kelly Ross

Negotiating an image: A textual analysis of female athlete photographic self-representations, Sally Ross, Vikki Krane Dr., Katie Barak, Mallory Mann, and Chealsea Kaunert

Resisting, Affirming, and Negotiating: Female Athletes Representations in Self-Created Photographic Images, Sally Ross, Vikki Krane Dr., Katie S. Barak, Mallory Mann, and Chealsea Kaunert

Doing More With Less: Exploring batch processing and outsourcing in academic libraries, Patrick J. Roth and Jeff Daniels

The Necessity of Transformative Education, Stephen Rowe

Software Theory: How Our Systems Shape Teaching, Learning, and Identity Robert Rozema, Robert A. Rozema

Cautionary tales in reconstructing the evolutionary history of island bats, Amy L. Russell, Frank Bonaccorso, Maarten Vanhof, Corinna Pinzari, Kevin Olival, and Liliana Davalos

Billband performance, Bill Ryan

h2 saxophone quartet performance, Bill Ryan

Connecting to Collections The Michigan Museum Association Experience 2012, Michael Scantlebury and Nancy Bryk

Paper, Mary Schutten

Unpacking Uruk exchange networks: The use of functional, spatial, and bulk stable isotope analyses of bitumen artifacts from Hacinebi Tepe, Turkey in reconstructing broad economic patterns of the Uruk expansion, Mark Schwartz and David Hollander

Best Practices in Event Services, Michael Sciarini and Julie Pingston

Painting on an Electronic Easel: Tips and Tricks for Using a Smart Board in Library Instruction, Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra

Community Finding within the Community Set Space, Jerry Scripps and Christian Trefftz

Reporting of Corporate Sustainability: An Examination of Global Reporting Initiative Database, Anne Sergeant

Between the Local and the Universal: The Radical Eccentricity of the Postumista Movement, Medar Serrata

Local Revolution, Grassroots Mobilization, and Wartime Power Shift to the Rise of Communism, Patrick Shan

Tracing Wang Jingwei's Road to Puppet Regime, Patrick F. Shan Dr.

Role-related Stress Experienced by Academic Librarians, Ellen I. Shupe

Can Technologies for Studying the Neural Bases of Speech/Language Improve Treatment of Communication Disorders?, Linda Shuster

Applying the ESPRI to K-12 Blended Learning, Jason P. Siko

Parent and Student Perceptions of a Blended Learning Experience, Jason P. Siko and Michael Barbour

The Wicked Dimensions of Access: Food Hubs and Gentrification in Grand Rapids, Michigan (a Case Analysis), Lisa Sisson, Lara Jaskiewicz, and Danielle Lake

The Efficacy of Early Childhood Educators as Role Models of Nutrition Behavior, Lisa Sisson and Andrea Smith PhD

An Undisciplined Space: Interdisciplinarity as a Method in the Study of Religion, Brent A. Smith

The Hub and the Hole: Interdisciplinarity and the Study of Religion, Brent A. Smith

Chinese Literature before 1900, Curtis Smith

Immigrants Admitted Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program: Who are they and how do they compare?, Claudia Smith Kelly

Functional Role Of Fringing Floodplain Wetlands On Streams In South-Central Michigan., Eric B. Snyder and Melissa L. Overweg

Visions of Revolution in Croatian Poetry: From JUDITA to Vukovar and Beyond (16th to 21st Century), Ivo Soljan

Wind Energy Assessment Using a Wind turbine with Dynamic Yaw Control, Mehmet Sozen and Nahid Pervez

Committee on Teaching and Public Education Roundtable: Teacher and Scholar: Working with Your Local K-12 Schools, Scott Stabler

Custer's Stand was Last, Scott Stabler

The Ironies of Censorship in Imperial Germany, 1871-1918, Gary D. Stark

Producing Space, Producing Protest: Chilean Metalworkers Spatial Strategies across Political and Economic Regimes, 1945-2011, Joel Stillerman

Glocalizing Malls in the Global South: Shopping Centers, Cities, and Consumers in Chile, Turkey, and India, Joel Stillerman, Rodrigo Salcedo, and Jennifer Parker

Transition to IFRS: What Can we Learn?, Dennis Stovall and Stephen R. Goldberg

Climate change, disease, and pathogen resistance: Immune systems in soft (alcyonacean) vs. hard (scleractinian) corals dictate survivorship, Kevin Strychar

GIS Analysis of the Spatial Structure of U.S. Metropolitan Areas: A Case Study of Detroit, Wanxiao Sun and Gang Xu

Tracking China's Inflation with Domestic and International Indicators, Wei Sun

Eye movements reflect the cognitive reality and costs of event structure during reading, Benjamin Swets and Christopher Kurby

Factors Determining Carbapenemase Activity in the OXA Family of ²-Lactamases, Agnieszka Szarecka, James LaFleur, Zachary Hundley, Troy Wymore, and David Leonard

A comparative analysis of the tibia of Paralouatta varonai, an extinct Cuban primate, Melissa Tallman and Andrea Morrow

Grammatical Analysis of User Interface Events for Task Identification, Yonglei Tao

Nato3 induces the expression of key DA neuron markers in a regionally and temporally specific manner within the developing CNS, Merritt Taylor and Jordan Straight

Cracking the challenges of extractive foraging: Common marmosets use behavior to augment morphological specializations, Cynthia Thompson

Visual Lies: Infographics, Ethics, and Business Communication, Christopher Toth

Bridging the Gap: Collaborative Teaching of an Emerging Genre to Empower Students with Information Literacy Skills, Christopher Toth and Hazel McClure