Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grants




Mapping Restoration Through Constructivist Law in Ezra-Nehemiah and Ezekiel

Release, Mentorship and Returning to the Community: Former Inmate Perspectives of the Reintegration Experience

Evidence for a Jealousy-Envy Distinction in School-Age Childrens Talk about Emotions, Naomi Aldrich and Patricia J. Brooks

School-Age Childrens Talk about Jealousy and Envy, Naomi Aldrich and Patricia J. Brooks

Conversion of a Language Based Course for Online Learning, Julie Alles-Grice

One Thousand and One Nights in the Contemporary Imagination: Hanan al-Shaykh's "Retelling" & the Invention of the Classical Tradition, Majd Al-Malla

Highlighting ten years of physics education research in the upper division, Bradley Ambrose

Teaching History of Statistics using Salsburg with Corrections, Kirk Anderson

Traditional, Hybrid, Online: Experiences Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences, Kirk Anderson

We have departed a little from the path, Rachel S. Anderson

Collaboration and the Future of History Education, Gordon Andrews, Wilson Warren, and James Cousins

"Comprehending Orders of Intensionality" - Top Papers Panel, Corey Anton

Hotter Than and Cooler Than: Reappraising McLuhan's Hot and Cool Distinction, Corey Anton

Haskel Greenfield and Lindsay Babcock, Elizabeth R. Arnold, Haskel Greenfield, and Lindsay Babcock

Quantifying Gait and Balance Pathologies of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Patients using the Gait Deviation Index and Limits of Stability Test, Blake Ashby, Justin Bjorum, and Marilyn Gates

African American Motherwork as a Vehicle for Fostering School-Family Partnerships: What Predominantly White Schools Can Learn, Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury

Examination of Adolescent Youth Sexual Attitudes 1988-2012 and, Kathleen Bailey, Jenna Eavey, Brittanee Kane, Kathleen Kapustka, Jessica MacVane, and Lacey Geene

Utilizing Repurposed Automotive Lithium Ion Cells for Stationary Energy Storage, Nicholas Baine, Todd Alexander, and Lindsay Corneal

Motivating non-electrical and computer engineering students to learn C Programming, Nicholas Baine and Hugh Jack

The Effects of a Deliberate Practice Debriefing Model During a Response to Rescue Simulation: Preliminary Finding, Deborah Bambini, Arleigh Bell, Tia Andrighetti, Barbara Aronson, Mary N. Meyer, and Karen Shepherd

Beyond the Theory Practical Aspects of Designing and Implementing an IPE Simulation, Deborah Bambini, Matthew Emery, Margarget deVoest, Lisa Meny, and Tina Barnikow

Teaching Engineering Ethics and Professional Responsibility Techniques and Methods, Nael Barakat

University Skill Development Courses and Connect Get Active 2.0, Christina Beaudoin, Brandi Angelosanto, and Katrina Yetter

Defining Ourselves as a Profession, Teresa Beck

Academic Conference Paper Presentation, James Bell

Teaching the Big History of the Americas, Craig Benjamin

The Relationship between Big History and World History, Craig Benjamin

Globalization: Two Way Street Takeovers from and into India and the New Multinationals, Yatin N. Bhagwat

Teaching Experiments: A Vehicle for Practice-based Professional Development, Esther Billings and Lisa Kasmer Dr.

Small-group activities instead of examples: an inquiry-based approach to calculus, Matt Boelkins

Teaching Factual Investigation Skills, Patricia Bravender, Ruth Stevens, and Barbara Craft

Narratives of Inclusion: Representations of Legacy and Diversity in Perceptions of School Identity, Shawn Bultsma, Olivia Williams, and Chris Hanks

Seeking Social Justice through Media Studies, Wendy Burns-Ardolino

Televised Sisterhood and Solidarity: Featuring Female Foursomes and Their Fans, Wendy Burns-Ardolino

Beginning with Co-Teaching to move K-6 Achievement Forward, Douglas Busman, Linda McCrea, Sheryl Vielstra, and Mario Atkins

Taming Wild Women in Des Grands Géants: Lessons from the Past for the 13th Century Audience., Anne Caillaud

An Assessment of the Forward Looking Hypothsis of the Demand for Cigarettes, Kevin Callison and Robert Kaestner

Gathering a Representative Sample of Data of Nonprofit Employees, Heather L. Carpenter

Comparing and contrasting the professional development needs of those employed in nonprofit and grantmaking organizations., Heather L. Carpenter, Gayane Selimyan, and Jasmine McGinnis

Expositions and Disputations on Aristotle's Natural Philosophy at Late Medieval Universities of Paris, Oxford, and Toulouse: A Semi-Revisionist Proposal, Teresa Castelao-Lawless

The Introduction of Modern Natural Philosophy to Portugal during the 18th century, Teresa Castelao-Lawless

Yashima Khadra: In Search of a Miracle?, Isabelle Cata

Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable And Supply Chain Bullies: A Markov Chain Liquidity Model, Yingpin Chang and Phil Horvath

The Cognitive Science of Early Chinese Afterlife Beliefs, Kelly Clark and Melanie Nyhof

Poems from Hardwoods, Patricia Clark

Sid2 phosphoregulation of anillin-related Mid1 nuclear localization and fission yeast cytokinesis, Dawn Clifford Hart, Ashley K. Dewitt, Patrick Schneider, Gabrielle Foxa, and Kathleen L. Gould

Supporting Professional Growth Through Cognitive Coaching: Our New Approach to Field Supervision, David Coffey, Jon Hasenback, and Hope Gerson

Pulling Together to Promote Innovative Practices: A Unique K-College Partnership, David Coffey, Kassia J. Omohundro, and Kristin Frang

Linking Gender Equality and Good Governance: The Importance of Political Representation, John Constantelos and Polly Diven

Multicultural competence and internaitonal education in student affairs graduate preparation programs, Jay Cooper and D. Mitchell

Orchestra and Opera conductor, Lee Copenhaver

A Guided Approach to Technical Report Writing for Undergraduate Engineering Students, Tara Cornelius-Reece

Bartolomé de las Casas and the Long, and Very Long, Short, and Very Short History, of Human Rights, Paul Cornish

Corporate Wellness Programs and Incentives, Suzanne Crampton

Weight and Work: Can Employers Impose Weight Restrictions?, Suzanne Crampton and John W. Hodge

An Ontology of Ideas, Wesley Cray and Timothy Schroeder

Teaching Hypotheses Testing Concepts with the Binomial Test and a Pepsi-Coke Challenge, Phyllis Curtis, John Gabrosek, and Kirk Anderson

Evidence of a Robust Administrative/Leadership DNP Program to Impact Health, Care and Cost, Kelli Damstra, Barbara Hooper, and Carol Robinson

An Authentic, Sustainable Model for Field Experience in Graduate Reading/Language Arts, Nancy DeFrance and Caryn King Dr.

Leading WGS Study Abroad Programs: Challenges and Opportunities, Danielle DeMuth Dr.

Defective apical growth, timing of initiation of polar growth, and hormone response in a Physcomitrella patens insertional mutant, Margaret Dietrich, Ronald Kamgang, and Ellie Morrison

Linking Gender Equality and Good Governance: the Importance of Political Representation, Polly Diven and John Constantelos

Forest for the trees: 5E lesson addresses NGSS, Chris Dobson

How Do Community Associations Vary? A Study of Programmatic Activities and Economic Vitality in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Davia Downey

Exploring longitudinal patterns of stability and change in relative developmental standing for children 12 - 60 months, Gwenden Dueker and Candace Cowling

Implementation of Monophonic Note Tracking Algorithm on Android, Hans Dulimarta

The Effect of Photodiode Shape on Dark Current for MOS Imagers, Bruce Dunne, Steve Taylor, and Heidi Jao

Low-Cost EEG-based Sleep Detection, Bruce Dunne, Bryan Van Hal, Samhita Rhodes, and Robert Bossemeyer

College-Level World History and the Coverage Model: A Half-Hearted Defense, David Eaton

Intersections of faith in education: The often-silenced connections of faith, education, and global religions in diversity work, Randa Elibih, Anita Bright, James Cambrell, Brandon L. Fox, G. Kasun, and Kimberly Llosvey

Jazz Pedagogy in the USA and in Europe, Kurt Ellenberger

Executive Board Meeting Of The Intl. Amateur Theatre Assn., Roger Ellis

Intl. Theatre Festival Planning Meetings, Roger Ellis

Detect and Defend System On a Stick (D2S2) Against GPS Spoofing Attack, Mostafa El-Said, Alexander Arendsen, and Samah Mansour

Tackling 'Wicked' Food Issues: Applying the Wicked Problems Approach in Higher Education to Promote Healthy Eating Habits in American School Children, Ann Marie Fauvel and Danielle Lake

A snake wiggle of reaction time functions to indicate holistic perception, Mario Fific and Daniel R. Little

Gender and Ethnic Differences in Smiling: A Longitudinal Perspective Using YearbookPhotographs from 6th Grade Through 12th Grade, Mihaela Friedlmeier and Taylor Wondergem

Cultural Variation in Positive Affect: Shared Smiling Among US, Turkish, and Romanian Mother-Toddler Dyads During a Contentment Task, Wolfgang Friedlmeier, Feyza Corapci, Sibel Kancal, Rachel Charbonneau, Georgiana Susa, and Oana Benga

Cross-Cultural Study of Toddlers Emotion Regulation Strategies in a Waiting Task: A comparison between US and Israeli Toddlers, Wolfgang Friedlmeier, Samantha Schires, Stephanie Spruit, Liron Afek, Raghda Taha, and Alison McNulty

GAISE into your Classroom, John Gabrosek, Michelle Everson, Megan Mocko, and Deborah Rumsey

The Encyclopédie & French Revolution, Gretchen R. Galbraith Ph.D.

The Socio-economic Effects of Neoliberal Economic Policies in Yemen and Sudan, Gamal Gasim

Exploring the Limitations of First Amendment Protection for Public and Private Expressions by School Personnel, Rick Geisel and Brenda Kallio Dr.

The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Black/White Income Gap, Daniel Giedeman, Gary Hoover, and Ryan Compton

School Psychology and Behavior Analysis: Integrating the BCBA into School Psychology Training, Kristan Girard, Amy Campbell, Jamie Owen-DeSchryver, and Amy Matthews

Core Muscle Activation During Unstable Bicep Curl Using a Water-Filled Training Tube, Stephen C. Glass, Taylor Blanchette, Lauren Karwan, Spencer Pearson, Allison ONeil, Dustin Karlik, and Robert Albert

The Effectiveness Of Aquatic Therapy Following Total Hip Or Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review, Meri Goehring, AB Bergmooser, KJ Decker, and NR Mason

Platform presentation, Meri Goehring, Andrue B. Bergmooser, Kevin J. Decker, Nicholas R. Mason, and Bonni Kinne

Full Circle: The Carter Administrations Shifting Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1976-1978, James Goode

Microgeographic population genetic structure of Baylisascaris procyonis (Nematoda: Ascaroidae) in Western Michigan indicates the Grand River is a barrier to gene flow, Douglas H. Graham and Christina Sarkissian

The role of education in influencing wilderness values and management, Carol Griffin

Bug Infestation! A Goal-Plan Analysis of CS2 Students' Recursive Binary Tree Solutions, Scott Grissom, Sue Fitzgerald, Laurie Murphy, and Renee McCauley

"In the melody of the readers inner voice, heteronyms are tricky.", Jennifer Gross, Andrea R. Plotkowski, and Bo Winegard

Embracing the Playground: The Story of a Secondary ELA Teacher in His 1:1 iPad Classroom, Erica Hamilton

Narratives of Inclusion: Representations of LEgacy and Diversity in Perceptions of School Identity, Christopher Hanks and Shawn Bultsma